Immigration Property Reports

UKBA Property Reports are needed to prove that the named applicant, sponsors or those appealing against any refusal for a UK Visa do have a satisfactory level of accommodation available to them when the applicant arrives in the United Kingdom. UK Visa Property Inspection Reports also known as Entry Clearance Inspection Reports, Immigration Accommodation Reports, Immigration Housing Survey Reports

We at Golden Estates are able to provide reports for UK Spouse, Marriage and Fiancée Visa Entry Clearance applications. The Immigration Accommodation report is also used for Family Visitor, Dependent Visas and Immigration Appeals.

Immigration Rules for Visa applicants will require them to show that the accommodation meets the requirements primarily under Settlement Visa Law of the UK. Many applications that are refused by  Entry Clearance Officer (UK Visa Officer) as the accommodation does not meet the requirements but we recommend our clients to obtain a UK Visa Inspection report before submitting their application to avoid the risk of refusal. It is a common fact that Visa Officers refuse a Settlement Visa application because the applicant has not provided a Property Inspection Report or has done so without referring to the Sponsor or Visa Applicant for further clarification. It is known that in some cases they can also request that a Property Inspection Report be obtained during the assessment stage of a Settlement Visa awaiting a final decision.
WE can provide a quality report quickly as we understand your needs as you very little time.

We will assess and produce a comprehensive Immigration Property Inspection Report acceptable to the Home Office / UK Visa Section that meets the accommodation requirements under the UK Immigration Rules and Housing Act 1985 and 2004.