Energy Performance Certificates


  • EPC (Energy Performance Certificates) are compulsory when you are ready to sell or rent your Residential or Commercial property.


  • An EPC survey will be  carried out by a Qualified DEA (Domestic Energy Assessor) and an EPC certificate will be provided to indicate how energy efficient your property is and also ways in which you can make it even more efficient. 


  • Your property will be given a grade of between A and G, with A being the highest - i.e most energy-efficient - and G being the lowest. The EPC will list ways to improve your rating, such as installing double glazing or loft/floor/wall insulation and give indicative costs.


  • The introduction of EPC's was to help improve the  rating of  your property - the more higher the rating the more attractive it should be to a tenant or buyer, as it indicates lower energy bills. 


  • By Law before marketing your property it is a requirement to have a EPC carried out and made available for prospective buyers and tenets. The property should also achieve the minimum rating  of an  E Grade or above.


  • Golden Estates have an in house qualified DEA Assessor - please contact us immediately and in most circumstances we can produce an EPC  within 24-48 hours upon instruction.


  • EPC's are valid for 10 years. If the property has been let or sold since 1 October 2008 in England and Wales, 31 December 2008 in Northern Ireland or 1 January 2009 in Scotland, it should already have an EPC.


*** Residential EPC’s start from £50.00 + VAT from Golden Estates ***